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Unmute request - martin80nik - 02-20-2017

I got muted by SoLetsGo, reason: Watch your language
I don't remember if that happened yesterday (19.02.2017) or 2 days ago (18.02.2017) [DD.MM.YEAR]
This is exactly what i typed:
"/me I'M A FUCKING IDIOT i reclassed before receiving money"
(I was unloading the plane and I was waiting to receive the money then switch class to trucker to join bonus' convoy. While unloading I started typing /reclass but I accidentally pressed enter by habit just 1-2 secs before unloading was done)
I don't really know if that was fair, it could've been or it couldn't have been, maybe he could give me 1 or 2 warnings but that's it
Hope you read this and decide what to do
Got unmuted, you can close this thread